🎵Music-through-piano Lessons

Learn musical language, expression & technique through personal study with me!

You'll get personal instruction through my unique pedagogy. My method is student-focused and emphasizes application, appreciation, & understanding over shallow memorization.



Master the mechanics of playing with precision and grace. Technique is the foundation that enables you to express yourself effortlessly, ensuring your musical journey is both enjoyable and technically sound.


Unlock the language of music. Theory provides the key to understanding how notes, chords, and rhythms come together. It's the roadmap that guides you through the intricate world of musical structure.


Embrace the spontaneous joy of musical expression. Improvisation allows you to explore the freedom of creating in the moment, enhancing your ability to adapt and infuse your personal touch into any piece.


Rediscover the joy of playing. Play is a reminder that music is meant to be fun and enjoyable. It encourages exploration, curiosity, and the sheer delight of producing beautiful sounds, making your musical journey truly fulfilling.


Take center stage and share your musical story. Performance is not just about playing; it's about conveying emotions and connecting with your audience. It builds confidence and transforms your skills into captivating experiences.


Unleash your creativity as you learn to craft your musical narratives. Composition empowers you to weave melodies and harmonies, fostering a deep connection with the music you create.


Dive into the rich tapestry of musical history and styles. Appreciation is not just about listening but understanding the stories, emotions, and cultural nuances behind each piece, enhancing your musical journey.


🎁What I Provide

  1. $40 per hour in-person lessons & support

  2. free lifetime access to learning resources, community, and library with 🎹Pianotes

📃Supply List

  1. 1 x 76 - 88 Key Piano or Keyboard.

    Personal student book for songs, leadsheets, notes, compositions, repertoire, etc.


  2. 1 x Real Book (binder).

    Personal student book for songs, leadsheets, notes, compositions, repertoire, etc.

  3. 1 x Technique Book.

  4. 1 x Computer & Internet Access.

  5. ♾️ x Joy of music in your heart.

🎹Keyboard Only

  1. 1 x Sustain Pedal

  2. Keyboard Stand

  3. Headphones (optional)

  4. 1 x Music Stand

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